Jarvee - New automation tool for all your social media accounts!

Meet Jarvee - The one automation tool that will help you grow all your social media accounts!
Jarvee can automate almost any action on all the most popular social media networks! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more!), Actions like following, liking, commenting and more can now be done automatically to attract attention to you social media account and increase the number of your followers!

Here are some of Jarvee features:

Instagram automation:
* Follow, Follow-Back, Unfollow Real Targeted Users
Auto-Repost, Auto-Like, Comment, Delete Posts
Hashtag and User Research
Manage Direct Messages
And much more!

Facebook automation:
Finding, Joining and UnJoining Niche Groups
Finding and Contacting Potential Customers
Posting as your Facebook Page
And much more!

Twitter automation:
Auto-Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow
Auto Favorite and Re-tweet
Twitter mentions
Tweets from RSS
And much more!

Google+ automation:
Auto-find, Join and UnJoin Groups
Auto Follow and Unfollow
Take all actions as Branded Accounts
And much more!

Pinterest automation:
AutoFollow, Follow Back and Unfollow
Auto-Repin and Comment
Watermark your pins
And much more!

LinkedIn automation:
Auto-find, Join and UnJoin Niche Groups
Auto-View Profiles
Invite Friends to Groups
And much more!

Tumblr automation:
AutoFollow and Unfollow
Auto-Like and Reblog
Post on sub-blogs
And much more!

YouTube automation:
Watch Video

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