G2A Goldmine - Share game links & earn money

One of the reasons that G2A has become one of the most popular sites for selling video games is its profitable affiliate program.
G2A allows anyone to become a Sales Agent of the site and receive a commission for each sale made by their recommendation.

How It Works?
After signing up for G2A Goldmine, we are transferred to our account page, where you can see the sales made through the links you and your team shared, your team is the people you referred to the site, after someone joins your team, you will earn For each purchase he will make in the future, plus you will receive commissions for sales made by his referrals and even by the referrals of his referrals! You heard right, the site offers 3-level referral program!

I signed up as an "agent" what next?
After registering to G2A Goldmine, you can click on the "Tools" button on your account page and create your own referrer links to any G2A page, Why is this so important? Because if someone is looking to buy a specific game, instead of directing him using your referrer link to G2A's homepage and hoping that he will find the page of the game, you can create your own referral link to the game page directly.
The link creation page looks like this:

In step 1, you can decide what your referrer link will look like, for example: https://www.g2a.com/r/racing-game.
In step 2 you are required to enter the link you want to direct to.
You can then share your referrer link and earn money for each sale.

Tips for effective game links sharing and getting sales:
1. Participation in forums - a wide variety of forums have gaming threads, in these threads you will find quite a few people who ask for a recommendation for a game or link to a site where you can buy the game, find the game in G2A, Create a referral link and leave a comment with your link in the threads. Even if you make just a few links a day and respond to some threads, you'll be surprised to see how much sales this method will get you.

2. Social networks - Join groups related to gaming on Facebook and use the same method as in Tip #1, when you come across a person who asks for a game. This method also proved itself as one of the most effective!

3. Blogs - Many of us today have a blog or even a few blogs, if you have a blog about gaming - share a referral link to a game page when you discuss it in one of your posts.

4. YouTube - Do you have a YouTube gaming channel? Great! When you share a video about a game, share a referring link to the game in G2A in your video description.

5. Contact other YouTubers - on of the best ways to earn large amount of money with G2A Goldmine is to send emails to gaming YouTubers and invite them to join G2A Goldmine and start earning from their channel, send email to as many YouTubers as you can, because obviously not all of them will say yes, but even if only 2-3 YouTubers will say yes and join through your link to G2A Goldmine, you can earn a lot of money out of it!

Be creative! There are countless other methods to generate sales, think of other ways and do not be afraid to try.

Benefits of the G2A affiliate program
1. G2A use cookies, which means that if a person enters the site through your link and does not make an immediate purchase, but return to the site independently after a while and purchase a game (even another game) the site system will remember him and still reward you with a commission for the purchase.

2. The site offers 3-level referral program!

3. A person who made a purchase through your link on G2A will remain on your Team for good! And you will receive a commission on every purchase that he will make on the site in the future!

4. The site allows you to create a referral link to any G2A page! Not just the homepage.

5. There is no limit to a number of referral links you can create!

watch our video for more info:

Want to start earning with the G2A website? To register click here.
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