What are rented referrals?

One of the most profitable ways, and also the most covered here on the blog, which you can use on PTC sites is renting referrals, but what are they actually and how can you profit from them? All this and more in the next post.

When we sign up for a PTC website, there are a few things to keep in mind:
Payment Options - Whether the site allows payment in an option that suits us (eg PayPal).
Is the site reliable and provides payment regularly to its members.
Seniority of the site.
Does the site provide Rented Referals.

Why should Rented Referrals be so important? Since while we can earn a few cents per day on PTC sites, we can earn a much more significant amount by renting referrals!

So, how does it work? We pay a certain amount to rent a referral (just like directing someone through our link but without any hard work of persuasion!), The amount usually ranges from $ 0.15 - $ 0.20 a month, ie $ 1 per 5 referrals.

What do we get in return? money! For each ad that the referral clicks we get credit! ranging between 40 - 50% of the click per regular user and up to 150% for premium users.

Everything looks so promising, where is the Kach?
So right, it's not money that grows on the trees, but in this method we have an effect on the results, will we win or lose? It depends on whether we know how to manage our referrals right.
So how do we need to manage our referrals? After we hire our first amount of referrals, we will have a page with statistics on each referral. Some of the referrals will click on a lot of ads per day and allow us to achieve the desired profit, but some of the referrals will click on a few ads a day or do not click at all, these referrals we will need to recycle, it will replace them with other referrals that will remain with the same amount of time remaining as the one we have replaced but hopefully will click more and be much more active.
If we know how to properly manage the referrals, calculate their maintenance expenses versus the profit they give us, we can get a nice profit.

How much can I earn from this method? (Pure profit)
In theory, the possible income is unlimited, but practical, you can earn a nice profit of $ 200-300 a month from each site (more sites = more profit) after a few months of working and preparing your account.
Yes, I am aware that many blogs and sites talk about a profit of 50$ or even 100$ a day, but honestly, getting this kind of income from one site is difficult ( and almost impossible ).
Want to know more about possible income? First of all, in almost any such site (usually on the help page), there is a possible revenue calculator to help you understand how much you can earn based on your account.
remember the calculator does not calculate expenses, so it is not a net profit.
The best way to know the optional revenue from a PTC site is simply to enter the forum of the site, usually on these sites there are forums where members of the site consult, share statistics and advertise profits. Another plus to these forums is that in most cases you do not have to be a member of the site in order to view posts posted there.

Where should I start?
These are the 3 sites that I think are most worth the investment and time, ranked first to last:

1. NEOBUX - A site that can be very profitable in addition to being currently the most reliable and recognized site in the field - online since 2008 and pays its members regularly.

2. Scarlet Clicks - A great site that also offers cheaper rental options than the average on PTC sites - online since 2009.

3. AdzSeven - A relatively new site owned by a very familiar and reliable admin who manages additional PTC sites. The average number of clicks for rented referrals on the site is among the highest.
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