How to earn money with AdFly?

How to earn money with AdFly? | Legit PTC

One of the best and most common ways to make money online is through AdFly
AdFly is a URL shortening service that pays you every time someone click on the link you shortened via the service.
Each time someone clicks on the link you shorten he will see an AdFly ad and a button that allows him to skip to the original link. 

By using AdFly and Spreading the links on the internet you can start earning good amount of money in no time. here are some ways to spread your links:

Forums Open an account in several forums and promote your links, make sure you do not spam, post links only when it is relevant to the topic and gives value to the reader.
Remember to check the forum's terms of service and make sure that you do not violate them.

Website / blog - own a website or a blog? Great! start using AdFly with your external links. every time you direct your viewers to another website, use AdFly links instead of the original links and get yourself a passive income!

Social media - have a social media page / account With a large number of followers? promoting your links there might be a good idea.
Many people who own a big social media account use AdFly links in their posts, that way they can also earn money by referring to the article / site they want to share.

Write an article Many sites allow you to write an article and publish it on their site, take advantage of this, write an article and insert a few relevant links that you shortened through AdFly.

More links promotion options:
• post AdFly links in blogs comments (do it smart!).
• Want to send a link to your friends / family? use AdFly url Shortening first.
• Promote via Email / Newsletter (again, do not spam!)

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