Buxenger - Get more referrals!

Buxenger - Changing the rules of the PTC game!
As one who is active on several PTC sites at the same time there is no doubt that Buxenger has contributed greatly to my success!
Since I met Buxenger I have saved a lot of time and gained a much larger amount of referrals.

What is Buxenger?
Buxenger is a Firefox + Chrome plugin that consolidates all of your PTC accounts in one place.

Demo video:

• Consolidate all accounts in one place - there is no need to open dozens of windows at the same time to manage your PTC accounts.
• View ads for each site in a row, without having to click on each one separately. The plugin will open a window with the desired PTC site. In this window you will select all the ads you want to click and you can view them in sequence.
• Multiply the number of referrals - you no longer need to choose which PTC site you want to send your referrals, any referral you send to Buxenger will automatically turn to your referral on any PTC site he will register. There is no doubt that this is one of the best ways to get more referrals.
• Consolidate all the statistics in one place!

There is no doubt that a Buxenger account is a must in order to achieve real success with PTC sites.

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