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Anonymous ads - get bitcoins for displaying ads | Legit PTC

What is Anonymous ads?

Anonymous Ads is an advertising network that doesn't collect personal data, and that's what makes them so uniqe. They do not know who you are, what sites you browse, or any other information about your blog / website, they just pay you for displaying ads.

What makes A-ADS so good for a small blog / website?

First of all, unlike the other known ad networks, they do not have minimum traffic requirements, which means that even if you have 5 visitors a day - you're welcome to register.
Second, they offer a very low minimum payout compared to other advertising networks, you only need to reach 0.0001 Bitcoin in order to withdraw your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet.

The ability to display banners in a variety of sizes

A-ADS allows you to display banners in a wide range of sizes.
You can find common banner sizes like 468X60 or 728X90 along with special sizes and less common ones. this can give almost any site the possibility to display several ads that fit his structure.


In A-ADS you have the option to earn with cost per click (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM).
The fact that you can earn by the amount of impressions (CPM) combined with the fact that the site does not collect personal information or information about your site, allows you to use traffic exchange services and earn even more!

How do I get paid?

A-ADS pay their members using Bitcoin, after you reach the minimum payout you can withdraw the amount to your Bitcoin Wallet.
Bitcoin Wallet can be opened at several sites that provide this service, just remember to check that the site is reliable and secure. One of the most recommended sites to open a Bitcoin wallet is CoinBase.
To withdraw from your account balance, enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet (a combination of letters and numbers) and make a withdrawal request.

Want to start earning from your website or blog? sign up to A-ADS HERE.
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